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Give the world’s most precious gem: a genuine diamond that sparkles with your loved one’s dna!

Fort Washington, PA — June 3, 2009 — DNA2Diamonds is giving the term 'precious stone' new meaning by creating genuine, certified, one-of-kind diamonds with DNA carbon from the ones you cherish most in your life. It’s the ultimate way to say “I love you” or “You are always close to my heart” – as a wedding gift, anniversary gift, graduation gift, token of love, celebration of life, or commemorative tribute.

The DNA2Diamonds process is as simple as gathering a sample of hair! They use the latest technology to extract the unique DNA carbon from that hair sample and add it to a real diamond seed to create a magnificent, GIA certified diamond. The lock of hair can come from you, a loved one, an entire family, or even a beloved pet. They can also obtain personal carbon from cremated ashes.

DNA2Diamonds can be created in the style, color and size you choose, including Radiant, Princess or Brilliant cuts in sparkling colors of deep red, yellow-green, or cognac and in sizes ranging from 0.25 carats to 2.0 carats. The whole process takes 70 days or less.

Tom Bischoff, President of DNA2Diamonds, LLC explains, “DNA2Diamonds are physically, chemically and optically identical to earth-mined diamonds, and yet they're different because they are the only ones in the world containing the DNA signature of you or your loved one. A DNA2Diamond embodies the very essence of what makes your loved one unique. Now there is a way to keep this love forever close to your heart.”

DNA2Diamonds makes the process easy and worry-free. All customers receive a DNA Signature Hair Collection Kit with complete step-by-step instructions. Everything you need to identify and send your hair samples (or cremated ashes) to us is included. DNA2Diamonds offers absolute assurance that the DNA source for your Diamond is tracked, controlled and secured at each step in the creation process. All customers are assigned a personal identification number and receive e-mail updates at the completion of each step.

Prices start under $2,000 and range up to $18,000 depending on the cut, size and color of your DNA2Diamond.

In Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia you can contact: kimcuonghoasen@gmail.com for more information about the service.

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