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Q: Who is LotusDiamonds?

A: We are a distributor of laboratory-grown personal diamonds created to celebrate and commemorate the life and memory of cherished loved ones or just to say “I love you” in a special way that is unlike any other. Our management and staff are comprised of highly experienced professionals who are committed to providing you with the highest level of integrity, quality products, and outstanding customer service. ?  

Q: What is a LotusDiamond?

A: It is a laboratory-grown genuine diamond that is the most personal diamond in the world because it is created with personal carbon from an individual or their loved ones, including pets. There are no two diamonds alike. 

Q: How do you obtain personal carbon?

A: We extract personal carbon from hair samples (or cremated ashes) that the customer provides.  

Q: What are laboratory-grown diamonds?

A: They are genuine, GIA-certified diamonds that are created in a laboratory within a matter of weeks by replicating the extreme temperature and pressure that occur over millions of years deep under the earth’s crust. Laboratory-grown diamonds possess the identical chemical, optical, and physical properties of earth-mined diamonds.  

Q: How does the growth creation process work?

A: LotusDiamonds are grown just as in nature. We start with a real diamond seed (supplied by the Company) and a source of carbon (supplied by you) which is placed into an incubator within our laboratory. Extreme pressures and temperatures are applied so that the carbon source transforms and grows until we have created a diamond in the rough. This diamond is then cut and polished to order. 

Q: What is the difference between laboratory-grown and earth-mined diamonds?

A: The primary differences are price and environmental impact. Laboratory-grown diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds; same timeless beauty, fire, brilliance, unique colors, hardness and quality. A laboratory-grown diamond is usually less expensive compared to a mined colored diamond. In addition, we are proud that the creation of a LotusDiamond does not harm humans, animals, or our precious environment. The most important difference is the fact that it contains the unique signature of that special person(s) or pet.  

Q: What about the four “C’s” of laboratory-grown diamonds?

A: They have the same meaning as any genuine diamond, which are: 

1. Color

LotusDiamonds are available in three elegant colors that provide enduring radiance, luster, fire and brilliance. Yellow Green combines yellow with a touch of fresh, sparkling light green. Cognac blends deep yellow with tones of amber to produce a rich color. Red infuses deep pomegranate with a chameleon effect that change depending on the surrounding light conditions.  

2. Cut

LotusDiamonds are offered in three of the most elegant and popular cuts available: Radiant, Princess or Brilliant (Round). Much of the overall value and beauty of any diamond is determined by the quality of the cut. LotusDiamonds are precision cut by computer controlled lasers, operated by master gem cutters who align the facets of the stones for magnificent clarity, sparkle and fire.  

3. Clarity

LotusDiamonds are hand-finished and polished by our craftsmen to insure intense sparkle, brilliance and clarity.  

4. Carat

The size of a diamond is measured by a universal classification called carat weight (ct. wt.). One carat weighs one-fifth of one gram and equals 100 points. Thus a 0.50 ct. wt. size is considered a one-half carat diamond. LotusDiamonds are currently available in sizes ranging from one-quarter (0.25) of a carat to two (2.0) carats. ?  

Q: Is my LotusDiamond guaranteed?

A: LotusDiamonds are guaranteed to be of the gemological quality of “I” clarity or better. LotusDiamonds are not guaranteed against loss, theft, breakage due to willful damage, change-of-mind, buyer’s remorse, and natural inclusions that result from the growth processes.  

Q: How do prices of LotusDiamonds and earth-grown diamonds compare?

A: Research conducted in July 2008 indicates that LotusDiamonds can be up to 75% less than the cost of earth-grown colored diamonds of comparable size, color, clarity, and cut. In making price comparisons be reminded that no two diamonds are exactly alike, market conditions and prices can fluctuate frequently, and there is always an element of subjectivity in determining the price of a diamond. For example, in our research, we found only one fancy red diamond for sale at a leading jewelry retailer. It was a one-half carat size and priced several thousands of dollars over a red, one-half carat diamond from LotusDiamonds.  

Q: Why are LotusDiamonds called “Commemorative Diamonds”?

A: LotusDiamonds are often created to commemorate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, retirement, awards, recognition for accomplishment, the memory of loved ones or to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day and many other occasions. Commemorative possibilities are endless. Imagine how special a diamond in an engagement or a wedding ring would be if it was created from the personal carbon of the bride, the groom, and even the parents? Recognize the birth of a child with a LotusDiamond for mom and dad or grandma and grandpa, using personal carbon from the baby or from the entire family! It is sure to be a highly-cherished personal family heirloom, passed down for many generations to come.  

Q: Can we have a LotusDiamond made in memory of a family pet?

A: Certainly! This is an ideal way to pay tribute to a special companion that loved you unconditionally all those years. An option is to provide a sample of the pet’s hair or cremated ashes. We use that carbon to create a personal diamond.  

Q: Is there a limit to the number of sources of personal carbon used to create a LotusDiamond?

A: There is no limit to the number of people or pets whose personal carbon can be used for the diamond creation.

Q: How long will it take to create my LotusDiamond?

A: You will receive your diamond within 70 days from the date that the order is verified and the carbon source is received at our laboratory.  

Q: How do I know that the LotusDiamond is a real diamond?

A: Your LotusDiamond (if one-fourth carat or larger) will be accompanied by an official document issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This report details the diamond's individual characteristics and certifies the authenticity of the diamond. GIA is recognized by gemologists throughout the world as the most widely known and respected gemological laboratory for consistency and impartiality in certifying diamonds. 

Q: Are many people purchasing laboratory-grown diamonds?

A: Yes, laboratory-grown diamonds are magnificent stones of exceptional beauty and are rapidly increasing in popularity. People are choosing LotusDiamonds due to 1) the ability to create a unique diamond from personal carbon and 2) the ability to purchase a colored diamond at a fraction of the cost of an earth mined color diamond.

Q: Can a LotusDiamond become a family heirloom?

A: Definitely. Our diamonds are personal and one of a kind, never to be duplicated. Our tag line “You are now … and forever” says it all. A diamond is among the hardest and most indestructible substances known to man. It will serve as a family heirloom to be treasured by many generations to come.  

In addition, we provide a beautiful presentation package with every LotusDiamond. It will house the diamond along with GIA certification and other personal memorabilia such as personal notes, biographies, and family photographs of those individuals whose personal carbon was used to create this special keepsake diamond. Laser engraving up to 30 characters of a name or message around the girdle of the diamond is also available for a small additional fee.  

Q: Does the price of the diamond include mounting and setting?

A: No, it does not. Prices shown on our website are for the loose diamond only. Mounting the stone into a setting is additional. LotusDiamonds is happy to help you find the perfect setting. 

Q: What happens to any of my personal carbon that may be left over?

A: Excess carbon, if any, will be stored in our files until the diamond creation process is completed. At that time, we will destroy it unless the customer instructs us to return it to them. 

Q: Can personal carbon ever be removed or extracted from the LotusDiamond?

A: No, it can not. The personal carbon that you provide is used as the core material from which the diamond is created and can never be altered following diamond growth. 

Q: How long have laboratory-grown diamonds been around, and how did they get their start?

A: H. Tracy Hall, Ph.D., a physical chemist working for General Electric, achieved the first commercially successful laboratory-grown diamond in 1954. Over the years they have been used extensively for industrial purposes. Advances in technology, allow for the growth of gem quality diamonds like those of LotusDiamonds; which offer a beautiful and exciting alternative to rare and costly colored diamonds from the Earth. 

Q: What if I want a different cut?

A: Several cuts (shapes) for LotusDiamonds are available. Please call us at 0909063719 and we will be happy to assist assist with any special requests.  

Q: Can I customize the jewelry for my diamond?

A: Yes you can. For additional information, please call us at0909063719

Q: Can I have a special message laser-inscribed on my personal diamond?

A: Yes. We can inscribe up to 30 characters around the girdle of the LotusDiamond for a small additional fee.

Q: Can I buy LotusDiamonds and have them shipped to other countries?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you insure LotusDiamonds during shipping?

A: Yes we do. In the unlikely event something should happen to the LotusDiamond during shipping you are fully insured.  Once the LotusDiamond is delivered to the customer, liability risk is their responsibility.

For assistance with questions not covered in FAQ above, please contact us at kimcuonghoasen@gmail.com or call 0909063719.


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