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Graduation - Promotion - Victories

Give your child a ring or a necklace with a LotusDiamond made from his or her head hair when he or she passed an important examination as an arward for his or her extraordinary effort to get the result that shines as a diamond.

LotusDiamonds help celebrate milestones in your life and commemorate family occasions: a retirement, a new job or major promotion, successful tour of duty, sports championship or other cherished moment that you want to remember forever.

A team that won a contest or a tournament could also use their head hairs to make a diamond to celebrate their victory and honor their spirit of union by which they won.

Moreover, you could have a diamond made from your head hair mixed with that of any person you adore such as a movie star, a sport star, a wellknown author ... Please contact us to get more information about this option.


"Nothing that flatters parents as well as the achievements of their children"



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