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LotusDiamonds Creating Service

Dear readers,


Diamond, one of the solidest materials in natural and most valuable ones in society, is the symbol of permanent and a present that shows respect, admiration and love to your beloved ones.


With these preeminent characteristic of diamond and because of its scarcity in natural, nowadays, there have been new technologies to create diamonds of which characteristics are not different from that of natural diamond in order to meet demand such as: jeweler, technological usage and consumer goods. Many companies that produce artificial diamond were established to help increase value and popularity for diamond in society.


In that trend, DNA2Diamond, LLC (USA) brought out a service which produces diamond from human cremated ashes, human hair or pet’s hair for worshipping, gift and memorial purposes.


In Vietnam society, worshipping forefather is a very important thing in a man’s life. More than 80% Vietnam population enter Buddhism with high awareness about sarira which is the desire of those who follow the Buddha’s way.


Vietnamese is an affection and grateful people. Such milestone events in life are always interested in. So nowadays, people need a new and meaningful way to present and receive gifts.


Vietnamese people live faithfully and highly respect conjugality affection, fatherly love and heighten family spirit so we need a joint thing to show that spirit.


Pets are a loyal and beloved friend in many families in Vietnam. So we need a new way to keep in mind such pets that used to be devoted to serving and always be with us to share our happiness or sadness in life unconditionally.


Realize the legitimate demand of the market and best time of technology development, Bach Viet JSC has cooperated with DNA2Diamond, LLC., to launch the service which creates diamond from human cremated ashes, human hair or pet’s hair or pet’s cremated ashes.


This is new and unique technology that firstly appears in Vietnam so we very need and welcome your feedback to have the service improved continuously.


Thanks for your reading,


                                                                                                 BACH VIET JSC.,  










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